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This is a mock :30 sec spot for Converse.



Child sits down at the kitchen table. She swings her feet back in fourth in her chair. Her mom comes over with her snack.

The child looks up at the mother and smiles.






Cuts to the playground, an open field with a muddy hill in the background. Two lines of children dressed in medieval battle garb on either side of the hill staring each other down. It is chilly and breath is seen.


Cut to Ellie’s face. It’s painted half blue. The child next to her is applying his paint from a finger paint jar. Pan down to her shoes, she is wearing light blue converse.



Cut to the two lines Ellie and red Leader yell. The two lines charge.


 Cut to Ellie at the top of the hill, muddy converse. Children below her kneel.


Cut back to Ellie sitting on her bed with muddy converse and a plastic crown. Direct to camera.


Elizabeth smiles.


Black converse Logo screen



MOM: How was your day Ellie?

ELIZABETH: It was good, I conquered the kingdom.

MOM: That’s nice honey.















CHILDREN: All Hail Queen Elizabeth!


ELIZABETH: Get your kids converse and you’ll always know exactly how their day was.

MOM: Queen Elizabeth!? Ready for Dinner?