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Dear Little Lion Heart                                                                                May 2014


My name is Sarah, I’m your cousin, we have not met yet but I wrote this for you before we formally met and before you formally met the world.


May you always remember where you came from and that your home is always where you heart lies.


As her heart beat create yours, may you always know that your heart lies with your mother and your mother’s with yours.


This is the first, most important thing, but there are more.


Life is big and jumbly and confusing. However, life is also Rare, Gorgeous, Precious, Breath-taking, Awe-inspiring and Fun if you let it be. When you are afraid, remember that fear is just another form of excitement and an opportunity to be brave. When you are brave revel in it, when you are happy bask in it, when you are PROUD smile. However, remember to be humble and thankful for everything that has built up to each moment. Be thankful to regret for teaching you, to loss for strengthening you, to embarrassment for grounding you and for your FAMILY. None of us are perfect, but we will always be there because we have loved you since before we knew who or what we were loving, and we will love you more each time we get to know who and what you are.


Love is the most confusing thing about life. It’s in many things and it is many things. It comes big, small, old, new, tough, easy, boldly and softly. Love is surprising and very hard to define. Everyone will tell you “you’ll know it when you see it.” However many times that won’t be the case and you will walk right into it blindly, as if walking into a wall. Other times it will be so simple you’ll question if it’s real. Still more times it will be dysfunctional and utterly baffling. The only thing you can do with love is to give it, as you would carbon dioxide to the air. Know that not all love is perfect, but all love is noble. Finally, most importantly, understand that you are worth love and know how to accept it. Accept it with grace and humility, never allowing pride or greed to taint it. This can be said for all love, whatever the circumstance and it is the one thing you will find very hard to do.


Life is not EASY or SIMPLE. It will rarely give you straight-forward answers, if at all. But if you remember what I told you first, Little Lion Heart, you will always find strength in the face of fear, love in anger and hope even in dark places. That said, may your life be full-to-bursting with all of the rest and you heart be bold and strong as your mother’s.