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Blog 1: The Beginning of Something Incredible

Blog 1: The Beginning of Something Incredible



Welcome to WaddleIDoToday? My new years resolution was to write one blog a week for the next year. It’s my goal to become a writer, like I have always wanted, but on my own terms. And the terms are these:


  1. Be Genuine.
    • I’ve tried to own this adjective my entire life. Sometimes it’s hard to admit the I’m not always genuinely the person I want to be. I want to be happy and passionate, and caring to everyone, but it needs to be genuine, and that is hard. I hope I can explore other points of view in this Blog, so that I can be genuine.
  2. Be Honest and Check my sources.
    • There’s no point in posting anything that doesn’t provide you with all the information I would want to know. If the sources aren’t good then you and I both know that those are not the answers anyone wants. Learn with me! But please, understand that this is personal blog and I will not curtail my tone or biases. I will make them known, but I will refer you back to term 1.
  3. Provide you with something along the way.
    • Like I said in my Bio, I’m just learning by doing this. I hope I give something to you as well. I don’t think that it’s worth doing if other people cannot benefit from my work.
  4. Make someone smile.
    • This is the key to Success every day.
  5. Be Kind to Myself.
    • I’m not perfect. But I’m going to work it the best way I know can. 😉 I’m going to make mistakes. Consider this: aren’t we all searching out the same thing? Happiness? And if that’s true, it’s my hope that you and I can come to an agreement. I will do my best to not hinder your path and journey to that goal, if you do not hinder mine. If you believe you can help, then by all means please do. But otherwise, I’m going to do the best that I can. It’s all I can do.


If you agree to these terms and conditions please continue reading and sharing this Blog. WaddleIDoToday? Start my new year on My Terms.








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