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A Realistic Cover Letter

To whom it may concern:

DO NOT underestimate me. You may think because I am young I lack wisdom. Forgive me for saying so, but you are 1/2 right.

I am wise, but I do not possess wisdom because that would mean my time for learning is complete.

Things I know

I know I have privilege because of the color of my skin,

the opportunities I had growing up, though not the best, were still better than most,

and I have had the privilege to see many parts of this world on my own.

14 countries to be exact, but who’s counting?

I’m only counting the numbers of my ambitions and let’s just say that’s 14 down and so SO many to go.

I am wise because each where

is something I wear

to build my utility belt for life.


Things I believe

I believe in examining things for the better, that is, how can I make this next moment Better?

At work that means having the skills I need

or learning them faster than anyone else.

I came up with the idea for the utility belt once I realized to be better, sometimes you need several hats…

And sometimes several wardrobe changes too.

It comes equipt with a parachute in case any of my ideas take flight.

A soap box for my teammates when they have a good point.

A pen. And snacks, always snacks.

I am wise because I have patience,

put to practice in perseverance

and propelled by problems;

some good, some great, and some I am grateful for.


The truth is: I got a degree in Advertising so I could keep telling interesting stories. The rest of my skills are simply a glossary of terms.


You wanted my weight in a page, but you won’t get it I’m sorry. There’s too much of who I am to tell in one story.


Adobe Suite



C, D, E

Email Marketing


Film production/writing


Google Analytics


Inbound Certification


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media


Waddle: See

Website editing